Adding unexpected style

Mary’s design work does not represent a single decorating style, nor does she have a signature look that makes her interior design projects recognizable as her own. She appreciates many styles—traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern, global—as well as an eclectic combination of any of these. She intuitively learns her clients’ tastes and personalities, listens closely to their input, and then comes up with floor plans, color schemes, lighting, specifications for additional furniture, and accessory ideas that her clients just love.

It’s always the touch of the unexpected that makes a project come to life—the one item in the room that is in such contrast to the others that it adds an element of surprise and is so visually stunning you can’t help but have an ah-ha moment. Mary calls this effect “tension”—like a vintage Asian piece in an otherwise contemporary room or a youthful, fresh color scheme or modern print fabric in a more traditional space.